Happy journey to the world of Emotional Competence!

Happy journey to the world of Emotional Competence!


Added 31.07.2018

Summer is time for holidays. In the last month of this special time of the year we introduce you the program developed by EIRC DB Advisors. When most of you will already return from fascinating trips. You are offered a new journey to make the adjustment to the working environment faster and easier. Journey along the route: World of Emotional Competence. You choose when to start learning. We explained it in the most detailed manner. If you notice some repetition, do not consider it as our omissions. We did it intentionally – we outlined some points.

Description is not short. You can study it slowly. And make your choice.

We start training with a pleasant surprise - with bonuses.

Each first student who chooses one or another group gets a 50% discount from the course price.

Considering the fact that group will be formed within two weeks from the date of requisition by the first student. Not less than 5 (five) people should send requests for training in this group for the specified period.

Reception of requests for training starts on 1.08.2018.

The period of bonuses receipt: from 1.08.2018 to 18.08.2018, taking into account conditions indicated above.

Send the request for training with the subject of the letter: SEC

The day of requisition is considered the day you sent a letter with a mark.

Indicate your choice (see Table.) Choose 1 (one) of 11 (eleven) groups and the training period.

For example, you have chosen Spanish language group with a study period of 2 months.

The text of the letter you sent:

I – 1L/ll – 2

Texts compiled in a different mode will not be accepted!

You will receive a letter with the designation of your personal code.

Suppose you send the request first.

Your personal code:

1/l – 1L/ll – 2

Contact: s.mikheeva@database.az


l Age

Profession (by subject of work)



1A 18-25

1P Nature-man

1L Spanish


2A 26-35

2P Technology-man

2L Russian


3A 36-…

3P Sign system-man

3L English


4P Artistic image-man

5P Man-man

Payment for training will be charged in any convenient way for the student choosing between:

Withdrawal of the amount from the existing balance

Withdrawal of the amount from the balance after its replenishment

To implement this function, the "entrant" complements the mark (subject of the letter):

SEC 0 (when withdrawing the amount from the existing balance)

SEC + (when withdrawing the amount from the balance after its replenishment)

The final exam in the SEC at this stage at the I step of training (in the mode of self-learning and mutual learning), is not provided.

The certificate is issued to the student after the completion of SEC program in English, indicating:

  • Group
  • Period of time
  • The average result corresponding to one of the topics of the tests given

(That is, you have a prevalence of any kind of intellect according to G. Gardner, including interpersonal intelligence - EI.)

For example, you are the best team player; you are more communicative; you have a richer fantasy, etc.

Also - the prevailing emotions for the period of training (according to the Diary of Emotions.)

ANNEX author: N. GRACE

Profession (by subject of work):

Executive professions Creative professions
Man – Man
TV Presenter Spy
Prosecutor Diplomat
Judge Ambassador
Bailiff Consul
Riot policeman Talk show host
Cashier Tutor
Masseur Personal translator
Conductor Coach
Taxi driver Translator
Educator Manager
Waiter Counselling psychologist
Nurse Secretary
Police man Stylist
Seller Doctor
Guard Dentist
Housekeeper Investigator
Maid Photographer
Sick-nurse Bodyguard
Prison officer Teacher

Technology – man
Trowel man Blacksmith
Installer Stonecutter
Carpenter Engineer
Cleaner Constructor
Sweeper Technologist
Janitor Parquet floor layer
Locksmith Cabinetmaker
Turner Cosmonaut

Sign – Man
Proofreader Editor
Typist Book designer
Typesetter Auditor
Telephonist Accountant
Stenographer Seismologist
Radio operator Translator
Template designer Programmer

Artistic image – man
Cutter Jeweler
Hair stylist Landscape, apartment etc. designer
Catering and fast food chef Restaurant chef
Tailor Architect
Photographer Musician
Engraver Choreographer
Fashion designer

Nature – Man
Stockbreeder Agronomist
Gardener Geneticist
Farmer Veterinarian
Landscape architect Geologist
Forester Biologist

Moving to the II stage…

What emotions help to achieve the best results?

What is the primary human need?

...It is necessary to work on the creation of positive relations.

Getting rid of prejudice

To fight prejudice, first you need to define them.

Consultation with a virtual doctor

...a diagnosis is made in a few minutes...

Corporate fashion

...to notice your inner feelings without drowning in them.

Don’t you feel compassionate about yourself yet?

...it is easier for a person to live in harmony with himself.

Should we change behavior patterns?

Smart people get bored easily.

Distracted by working or vice versa?

Chris Bailey will help us find a hint.