New Clash of the Leaders tournament!

New Clash of the Leaders tournament!


Added 12.03.2019

Dear friends!

We present you our new tournament Clash of the Leaders!

Briefly about the rules of the tournament:

  1. We select two opinion leaders – they become captains of their teams. These leaders will compete in the Classic’15 debates.
  2. Other participants join one of these teams, choosing the leader they see as the winner. To join the team, you need to pay a fee of $100.
  3. Once the team is formed, opinion leaders receive from us 30 to 60 questions from our database. They must answer basing on the majority opinion. Then we select 15 questions in which their opinions differ, and post them in the Classic’15 debate. DB Advisors participants choose one of two options of our opinion leaders. The winner will be the one whose options were chosen more often.
  4. The winner of the tournament and his team receive a reward in the form of invested funds +extra 25% ($125). The second-place team receives a reward in the form of invested funds +extra 10% ($110).

Hurry up to participate in the Clash of the Leaders tournament!

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