Morality along with Freedom

Morality along with Freedom

Author: Pinky Honey


Added 09.04.2019

Question Analysis for April 8

  1. Your life sometimes resembles a movie:

I haven’t seen any of these movies. But I would love to answer this just by the titles. My life is “Eat. Pray. Love”. Human life is a survival series where we struggle a lot to live and eat. We will say our prayers to God every day hoping for a better tomorrow. We love our family only. A simple life rotates around these three options.

  1. If you imagine a perfect relationship, what kind of dance does it resemble?

“Hustle” with constant improvisations and changing roles. Nobody is perfect and to sustain in a long relationship it is indeed very important to understand the needs of your partner and change accordingly. There is absolutely no harm and loss of prestige to accept your mistakes and learn from those. Sometimes, changing roles will also help resolve many conflicts, understand or analyze situations from a different perspective. So, I will go with this option.

  1. Love for you is:

Responsibility and tenderness in one bottle. Sometimes you have to be insistent to deal with certain issues. And sometimes you need to be affectionate. That is the meaning of love for me.

  1. You have had a hard morning. You:

That is something I will have every day. But yes, that cannot spoil my day. I will happily accept the bad start; however, I will change it into good. That is life, you can't sit and spoil your entire just because the starting was bad. Will you give up watching your favorite show for the bad introduction? I guess no. It's the same with our life too.

  1. In life, it is important:

You never know what will happen next. I live at the moment and enjoy it. I propose the same to all of you. Because once the moment passed, it cannot be brought back. No matter how hard you try. So enjoy it while you can.

  1. As a guest, you usually:

To be honest, I will start off with movie discussions and end up making good contacts. I'm a good listener too. I will listen to my host as long as they talk.

  1. You would rather name yourself:

I can't dare to name myself refined or neat. I will go with creative as there is a little sense of creation in me.

  1. Eloquence does not mean ...

Wisdom. Yes, just because you know the subject completely or fluently that doesn’t mean you have gained wisdom. There is a lot of difference between knowing and gaining.

  1. The bed is the best place for ...

Sleeping and relaxing. And absolutely nothing else.

  1. Focusing on the “freedom” of the individual led to degradation in ...

Morality may be. This is my guess though. Gaining freedom isn’t the only requirement in life. Morality along with freedom is crucial. Politics and gender relations will surely get affected. Freedom cannot be gained just like that right.

  1. Violence prevails in ...

I'm not sure as violence is almost everywhere. Only a few can be seen and few will remain in darkness forever. I guess if we rate these options on a scale of 10, then politics and film industry may get the highest points.

  1. How easy it is to be fair when ...

When there are only animals beside, nothing to share and blind to mistakes. All these are the best suitable scenarios. Obviously, when you have nothing to share, you will act selflessly. When you are blind to mistakes, you will ignore the negativity. Human has a problem with his kind only.

  1. Who is a decent person?

Decency doesn’t mean you don’t lie or you will forgive. Even though you know everyone’s faults and painful pasts, you still choose to remain calm and composed. That comes will mental maturity.

  1. What helps you regain strength during the day:

Undoubtedly, a little nap will help me regain strength. As I don’t have time for the remaining options.

  1. There is still time until lunch, but you already want to eat. You:

I'm a person who cannot stand hunger. I will at least take a bite of a sandwich or any snack. Sometimes chocolate will do.

The biggest struggle

Being prone to disputes can also be a disadvantage, but not as big as confidence.

Give And Take Respect

To love is nothing, to be loved is something, to love and be loved is everything.

Live Happily Forever Alone?

If there is something like life after death, I would love to be wherever my loved ones are.

Democratic Leader

I believe in Karma. Whatever you do will come back to you for sure eventually.

Be polite, but keep a distance

...cunning isn’t good in any case – as an option here, and as an option in real life.

The Best Time of My Day

You can kill or die in a split-second, but to understand someone will take ages."

Sarcasm rules!

...using and loving black humor is a sign of high intelligence.

Eat What You Want

And what do you eat… Grass?