Bold, Strong and Respected

Bold, Strong and Respected

Author: Pinky Honey


Added 10.04.2019

Question Analysis for April 9

  1. How do you sign a letter or a postcard to a friend?

Postcard to a friend sounds like an age-old tradition which I used to follow. I have sent more than 100 cards to my best friends. But I have never signed them though. Usually, we address each other with funny and weird nicknames. I used to end my letter or a post card with that nickname.

  1. How did you feel this week and today?

This week had an energetic start and is going good till today. I usually never worry about my future. Whatever is meant to happen will surely happen without any hurdle. I like being optimistic about every minute.

  1. You should be considered as...

I will vote for respected. In real life, I feel I’m bold and strong which many wouldn’t agree though. But that can never change me and my character. So my answer is both, bold, strong and respected.

  1. I repeatedly had to make sure that friendship is only for a benefit.

Totally wrong. People may have used me as per their requirements. But I have never chosen benefits over friendship. I don’t like taking advantage of their friendship. That’s me but I’m not a saint right, I can't change others.

  1. Telling something to your partner, you:

First and the most crucial point is before you start off, I would suggest checking if your partner is interested in listening to you or not. Only then choose your style of explanation or expression.

  1. The greatest thing:

Both, time and common sense. Time, because it won’t stop for anyone. And common sense because any human being without it is an imbecile.

  1. The thing that may not exist:

Cowardice. Every individual is equally strong and brave. It is because of the complicated situations they chose to be a coward.

  1. The great cleanliness seems...

Inferiority. People who often suffer from this inferiority complex will worry about others being judgmental. Why do you have to worry about others? You are born to impress yourself and no one else.

  1. The wisest man...

The one who understands everything even before you say something. I have one such person in my life and that's the reason I’m pretty sure about how they behave.

  1. What is really important?

Though kindness is important as it helps to sustain mankind, not losing self-respect because of others respect is even more vital. Never put your morale at stake for anything.

  1. The only poison for the mind...

The despair of course. It will help us to destroy ourselves without our knowledge. Sounds tricky and funny right. But that is the truth. Always hope for the best and trust yourself.

  1. Tell me and I will...

Understand. I always strive towards helping others even though they hate me. I will try to consider only good in them. Rest seems to be garbage for me. I will just delete it from my memory.

  1. Lifestyle:

Refined and nothing else. That's the best and peaceful way of living as per my outlook. Modest will do too.

  1. To speak so that you are listened and heard by your…

Loved ones. Because I’m fine with other options. Misunderstandings can be dealt with slowly. But with your family, that will create a black mark in their heart that can never be erased. I prefer to be more expressive to them.

  1. Your friend was hospitalized. You:

Obviously, I will go to visit him immediately. I will also check on his condition and doctor’s potential too. If required, I will suggest other best doctors.

A friendship quote: There’s nothing like a really loyal, dependable, good friend. Be truthful to them.

The biggest struggle

Being prone to disputes can also be a disadvantage, but not as big as confidence.

Give And Take Respect

To love is nothing, to be loved is something, to love and be loved is everything.

Live Happily Forever Alone?

If there is something like life after death, I would love to be wherever my loved ones are.

Democratic Leader

I believe in Karma. Whatever you do will come back to you for sure eventually.

Be polite, but keep a distance

...cunning isn’t good in any case – as an option here, and as an option in real life.

The Best Time of My Day

You can kill or die in a split-second, but to understand someone will take ages."

Sarcasm rules!

...using and loving black humor is a sign of high intelligence.

Eat What You Want

And what do you eat… Grass?