Irresponsibility is synonymous with Selfishness

Irresponsibility is synonymous with Selfishness


Added 13.04.2019

Question Analysis for April 11

  1. Each of us ...

…tries to earn happiness, health and respect. The definition of those is different, and the means are different as well, but we all want it.

  1. Being in good health is your duty for...

To yourself in the first place. Being healthy is crucial and necessary for anything we do in life, and for being able to enjoy life. If you lose your health, anything else loses its value.

  1. Love ...

…makes us better, happier, more valuable.

  1. What feelings should not be stuffed into love?

Addiction. Addiction has nothing to do with love. It is rather related to obsession. On the other hand, intimacy, friendship and expectations are a normal and inevitable part of love.

  1. When you are absolutely confident in yourself, it's easy to...

…turn away from worries. When you are self-confident, you feel like you can do anything like you have the world at your feet and nothing seems impossible, so there’s no place for worries of any kind.

  1. The circus …

I would definitely not choose any of the options with killing as I think they are not true at all, especially not the “killing people for public” part. Personally, I relate circus to something attractive, interesting, amusing that we remember for quite a long time, if not for our entire life. Therefore, my answer here will be “attracts and besots”, which I believe will “fight” for the first place with “circus is beautiful”.

  1. Orphanhood is...

If the orphan is a child whose parent(s) are not alive, I really can’t see which of the options offered could finish the sentence. Maybe the only way to give some answer is to consider parents who have intentionally made their children orphans, or situations when children are deprived of their parents because of war, murder or accident. In those cases, pretty much all options can be a proper answer to this question, but I would say it is irresponsibility. And here, irresponsibility could be synonymous with selfishness.

  1. The poison we drink ourselves:

This question is similar to the one from the previous days that said “What is the only poison for our mind?” back then, most people said it was despair, which means the logical choice here would be depression. I agree with it, but I also think jealousy could get quite a lot of votes as well. Still, my vote goes to depression.

  1. Someone depends on ...

I find this question a bit confusing, but I would say “what has happened to them”. People are led by things that are constantly happening and can change their behavior and themselves depending on things that are happening.

  1. Truth…

…must exist. No need for philosophy. If the world is built on lies, if our life is built on lies, that just isn’t the right thing… it’s sick.

  1. Movement is a medicine affecting ...

Senses would be the option that unites all those answers into one.

  1. A man without hobbies - ...

There are two descriptions that I found interesting and truthful: soul orphan and empty book. I will vote for the first one. We all should have a hobby that will help us relax and pleased, something for ourselves only. It doesn’t have to be something big or expensive – reading books or watching a certain genre of movies regularly is also a hobby. And a person who doesn’t have any hobby deprives his soul from simple pleasures.

  1. In the eternal confrontation between good and evil, the winner is...

Humanity. Still. We are still existing, which means we have found some balance between good and evil, or at least something that tends to look like one. Neither evil nor good can be the winner themselves – they will always coexist. History has shown that people are not able to quit or stop evil.

  1. What creates a society?

It took me a lot of time to choose a single answer on this one. Is it needs, vices or power? I will choose needs, as someone’s needs can be vices.

  1. The shadow of words, when a person begins to "starve":

I’m not sure if I have understood the question, but “starving for love” is the only combination I can make.

The biggest struggle

Being prone to disputes can also be a disadvantage, but not as big as confidence.

Give And Take Respect

To love is nothing, to be loved is something, to love and be loved is everything.

Live Happily Forever Alone?

If there is something like life after death, I would love to be wherever my loved ones are.

Democratic Leader

I believe in Karma. Whatever you do will come back to you for sure eventually.

Be polite, but keep a distance

...cunning isn’t good in any case – as an option here, and as an option in real life.

The Best Time of My Day

You can kill or die in a split-second, but to understand someone will take ages."

Sarcasm rules!

...using and loving black humor is a sign of high intelligence.

Eat What You Want

And what do you eat… Grass?